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 My name is Julie Ann James and I am a book publisher, business owner, writer, freelance photographer, decorator (not by trade), a mom, a friend and… my favorite, a Mimi.

I live and work in Sarasota, Florida and have since the sixth grade. It seems quite a few of my friends that I graduated from High School with stayed the stay here in Sarasota.  So, no matter where I go, I see familiar faces and it’s like a reunion all over again. 

You might say that I wear many hats, all in the creative sense of the word. Since entrepreneurial is one of my favorite words I have applied its’ meaning to my career along with all the things I love to do. I enjoy trying new things, and I am notorious for picking up a book on “How To” and just going for it!

If I am not behind the typewriter keys working on my latest novel or encouraging the authors that come to the Peppertree Press to publish their manuscripts, you will find me with camera in hand shooting photos of anything and everything that inspires me. Through the lens of a camera is an awesome place to be.  And, on the last note… I cannot tell you how many times I have rearranged my living room furniture, just because.

So, I look forward to starting a conversation with YOU in hopes that the topics that I blog about will inspire you to write and publish your work. Please enjoy the beauty of the photos that I have taken and will continue to post in this blog. And – perhaps rearrange “Your” furniture more often.

                              “Write what you know and write it from your heart”

                                                                          Author- Julie Ann James

We welcome you to reach out to us, stop by our office for a chat, take the grand tour of our website and find out how you can turn your manuscript into a published book. www.peppertreepublishing.com  (941) 922.2662

My contact information: peppertreepublishing@yahoo.com

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