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One of my favorite components about being a book publisher is hearing the inspiring stories of where the writers choose to write and where they feel most creative.

 Is it on the beach in the quiet solitude with your toes in the sand, or at your favorite coffeehouse with the background noise of baristas grinding the rich smelling aroma of freshly ground coffee beans?  

Perhaps it is on your front porch, or on a bench in the park. The important factor is that you are writing, and continue to write until the final word is typed.

Just a few weeks ago one of the Peppertree Press authors stopped by our cozy office in the heart of downtown Sarasota to sign her next manuscript. Once we made her book official, she and I had a chat about her writing.  I was curious to know where she found the motivation to write her many incredible stories, and where she felt the most comfortable writing.

She happily replied, and with a smile on her face that she writes at the kitchen table. With a cup of coffee by her side, the words just pour onto the paper.  She then leaned in and lowered her voice to a whisper and told me that lately she had been writing in church, and that she felt a little guilty about it. She continued by saying she didn’t have any paper, so she used the perimeter margins of the church program.   We had a good laugh about that!  Again, wherever you feel inspired and comfortable works perfectly.

I would love to hear from all of you aspiring writers where you feel most comfortable writing…

Until the next time we chat,

                          Keep clicking the keys…

Julie Ann

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